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For whom isSaldo Solo suitable ?

Saldo Solo is perfect for you as a lone consultant. Your niche matters less. We love all industries.

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Eliminate the hassle and stress

With us, you are never alone in your business. We are always by your side and make sure you have a safe haven at all times.

The four steps

Our model is based on the customer following the "four steps" which will not only make it clear and simple, but also make your business more efficient. You focus on these steps, and we do everything else.



You create your customer invoices in our financial system and press "Send". We support you with questions, update the ledger and post payments.


Supplier invoices

Your customers' supplier invoices are sent directly into our financial system. We post the invoice and you approve it for payment via an app.



You photograph all your receipts in our receipts app and then submit them to our financial system. We reconcile and post them.



You specify who should be paid and register absences and discrepancies in our financial system. We create payslips and make payments.

What our steps actually mean

1. invoicing

You log in to Fortnox and create a new invoice. It is super easy to create and send the invoice directly from the system.

2. Supplier invoices

We redirect all your supplier invoices so that they arrive digitally directly in Fortnox. You avoid unnecessary paperwork and your accounting is as up-to-date as it can be. You certify the invoices and we pay.

3. receipts and expenses

You will receive a card from our partner Mynt. The card is linked to an app where you can easily photograph all receipts, and be reminded to do so directly at the time of purchase. Simple and easy - even for those who are bad with receipts.

4. salaries

You tell us what salary to pay and when, record sick leave, holidays, etc. We create the salaries, send pay slips and pay the salaries, and declare them to the tax authorities.

Why use an agency?

Do you think accounting is complicated and maybe even boring? Maybe you do some of the accounting yourself today, why not outsource it completely?

We think it is extra important that you as a customer with us get contact when you need, accounting that is updated, the newest systems and above all knowledge and experience that stands out in the industry. Our accounting creates security and allows you to sleep well at night.

  • Expertise in accounting and bookkeeping.

  • Time saving to focus on business activities.

  • Reduces the risk of inaccurate accounting and problems with authorities.

  • Tax optimization.

  • Business advice based on analysis of economic data.

The details of the cooperation


This is included in Saldo Solo:

  • Ongoing accounting and reporting management
  • VAT accounting
  • Payroll
  • Company declaration
  • Annual accounts
  • Annual report

Price 1995 SEK ex VAT per month

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You must meet the following criteria to get the price we offer:

  • Sole proprietorship/AB
  • 0-25 verifications per month
  • 1 salary
  • Turnover 0-1 million
  • Quarterly VAT/yearly VAT
  • No other external systems requiring connections
  • Bank with bank link (SEB, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Swedbank)

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Our most frequently asked questions

Here are answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What our clients think

"We outsourced our entire finance department to Saldo. We have gained much more efficient routines and access to decision-making data much earlier. Now we can focus on what we do best."

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"The best thing about being a customer at Saldo is that we get really good advice from a person who has got to know the company and understands our business. If any questions or problems arise, Saldo is always quick on the ball."

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