Business development

The most fun part of running a business is watching it grow. Business development is everything, whether you want a company that will provide you with a good income for a long time, whether you want to build a billion-dollar company or whether you want to build a company that takes full responsibility for our society now and in the future. Business development can mean a lot and only you and your desires set the limits. We at Saldo can be your guide, your coach and/or a supportive hand in this work.

In addition to the fact that we have been doing business development for a long time and thus know what makes an impact in different industries, we have also added more expertise recently, Gigi Day and The latter is an IT agency that develops systems, business-driven websites and social media strategies, while Gigi Day works with personal development and business coaching. Whatever your goals for your business, we at Saldo have the expertise to help you achieve them.

Here you will find short explanations of concepts and answers to questions about business development. If you want to know more and talk to an expert, please contact us.

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