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We at Saldo Accounting are experts in bookkeeping and accounting. Current accounting is the basis of all accounting and we have designed a way of working with it that our clients love, the 4 steps of Balance. The work is of course 100% digital and we automate and streamline all administrative flows, with personal commitment. The more digital you are, the more personal you need to be as we like to say. Our modern, innovative approach has made us one of the leading agencies in Sweden today. Companies that want to get ahead choose us.

We deliver reconciled accounts on an ongoing basis and provide you with decision support that helps you make the right decisions, decisions that will lead you towards your goals. The stakeholders in your accounts include owners, clients, potential investors, suppliers, banks and authorities so it is important that it is managed carefully, it goes without saying for us. What drives us is the development of your business and the successful results that follow. We are not a traditional accountancy firm, we are innovative and also really sharp at financial advice.

Here you will find short explanations of concepts and answers to questions about accounting. If you want to know more and talk to an expert, please contact us.

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