Our environmental policy

Environmental policy
The environment is the most important part of our lives and the reason we live.
Saldo Accounting provides advice, management and accounting services to companies where the owner is actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business. We work closely with our clients to find ways together to achieve greater profitability and a more prosperous future for each business owner. The environmental work of Saldo is a natural act on our part and means that all purchases of goods and services are made with an environmental profile. We want to show our loved ones that our earth is the most important thing we have and that we have a responsibility to pass this planet on to our wonderful children. Everything from electricity, bicycle messengers, office supplies to the good coffee, milk and soap must be environmentally friendly to minimize the environmental impact of our business. In the long run, we believe that this will also lead to our suppliers offering more environmentally friendly products and services. Our environmental work is a continuous process to find better solutions that suit us and our planet.
If we can make a difference, so can you. Together is the thing and it's also a lot more fun when you do.