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There are many reasons why people choose to run a business, and many say that the most important thing is that they get to do what they love. We are prepared to agree, but can we not agree that most entrepreneurs also strive for profitability. After all, it is a kind of measure of success and it is profitability that determines how much a business can grow and develop.

We at Saldo can help your business reach profitability or increase your existing one. We analyse your finances based on our expertise in the field and our long experience of what works in different sectors. We can develop key performance indicators you need to focus on, we can help with advice or develop a long-term plan for the work required. Contact us!

Here you will find short explanations of concepts and answers to questions about profitability. If you want to know more and talk to an expert, please contact us.

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What is profitability?
What is the difference between profitability and profit?
How to calculate the profitability of a company?
How to become profitable?

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