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If your company needs help with specific parts or you need a complete solution, we will tailor a solution to your needs.


This is like putting the key in the car, the bookkeeping and accounting should just work. No one should have to fiddle with the engine, the system should be smartly designed, polished and efficient. Believe us, this will save you a lot of energy as a customer of Saldo. All you must do is follow our 4 steps, then you can sit back and enjoy life.

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Usually, economic reports show how things have looked historically. What the earnings were last year, last quarter or last month, and that is of course vital information. Our proprietary reporting tool shows both that, and key metrics showing forecasts for the future. Everything to help you make the right decisions at the right time, for your business.

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Business development

Developing businesses is something we have been doing for the last thirty years, it is in our backbone. Together with you, we develop a plan, execute it and follow up. With the support of efficient systems, a business-driven website, financial analysis and tailored business coaching, we take your company to new heights and towards new successes.

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We know entrepreneurship and we know how to be profitable. First and foremost, we have full control of your numbers, and we know what they mean. You will get accurate decision support for planning your business and industry-specific knowledge that will help you find areas of improvement in your business. You will be working accurately and growing profitably without having to think about it.

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Payroll management

Pay is a very sensitive part of a business. It must be right. Having an effective payroll function is a successful strategy for building good relationships with your employees. Holidays, sick leave, time off, pensions, allowances, benefits etc. Yes, there are a lot of things to keep track of, but above all, the right salary should be paid at the right time. Of course, we will take care of that.

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Leave your finance department to us, we will streamline every step of your accounting and administration. You save money on staff costs and create physical space for recruitment in other areas of your business. You can simply focus on developing your core business. Do not think, just do. We have done it plenty of times for different companies. Pays off every time.

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Sofia, George and Mattias in front of saldos office
Maria, Mike and Ash in saldos office

After several years of digitization and automation, we have developed an approach to accounting that has proven to be very successful and efficient. This means that our clients does a few things, Saldo does the rest. All paperwork disappears from our clients' desks. We don't want them to come to us to drop off paper, we want to meet with our clients customers to talk about development and profitability. If you want this for your company, contact us and we will help you.



Our clients creates their customer invoices in our financial system. Saldo provides support for questions, updates the ledger and posts payments.


Supplier invoices

Our customers' supplier invoices are sent directly into our financial system, Saldo accounts for the invoice and our clients approve the invoice for payment via an app.



Our clients take photos of all their receipts in our receipt app and then send them to our finance system. Saldo reconciles and posts. 



Our clients specify who should be paid and records absences and discrepancies in our financial system. Saldo creates payslips and makes the payments.