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Fortnox has put a lot of resources into ensuring user-friendliness. Many modules and flows are automated and the accounting software ensures that you avoid time-consuming manual tasks. Fortnox also provides you with reports that give you a clear insight into how your company is doing in real time. All to make your bookkeeping as smooth, simple and efficient as possible and to give you more time to take care of your business.


Great flexibility

Fortnox has built a large network of integrated services and offers a range of smart features that make it easier to do business, regardless of industry, size or number of transactions. With over 400 different custom integrations, they can offer great flexibility and variety and cater for a wide range of needs. If Fortnox doesn't have the solution for you, chances are it's available from one of Fortnox's many partners.



Fortnox accounting software is a fully cloud-based accounting software, which means that you always have access to it no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. It also means that it is compatible with all devices and operating systems and that multiple users can be logged in at the same time and collaborate and share information with each other. With Fortnox accounting software, you also never have to worry about losing your records because they're always backed up and available in the cloud.


Agency partner

Is bookkeeping not for you? Would you rather spend the time you spend on accounting developing your business? Do you find it boring and complicated? No reason is worse than the other, but the answer is always accounting.

Fortnox is used by thousands of accountants across the country and help is always close at hand. The exact arrangement will be agreed between you and your accountancy firm - do you want to do most of the work yourself while the firm handles reconciliations and reporting, or do you want to outsource all the financial work? It's entirely up to you.

We at Saldo have a unique partnership with Fortnox and always tailor our solutions to your needs and wishes. Book a free consultation today and we'll find a solution that works for you.


Pros and cons of Fortnox accounting software.



- User-friendly

With Fortnox you get a clear and complete accounting software that is easy to use.

- Flexible

With over 400+ integrations, you can easily customise Fortnox accounting software based on your needs and preferences.


- Automated bookkeeping

Fortnox offers smart and automated solutions that simplify your bookkeeping and give you more time for other more value-adding activities.


- Digital management of customer and supplier invoices


With Fortnox, traditional paper management becomes a thing of the past. Instead, you can create, send, receive and manage your outgoing and incoming invoices completely digitally.

- Automatic bank connection

Fortnox can be connected to all of the major banks in Sweden, enabling automated and smooth payment flows.

- Scalable

Fortnox accounting software is suitable for all types and sizes of businesses in all types of industries. This makes it a program that you can grow and develop your business with.

- Cloud-based

All parts of the Fortnox business system are cloud-based, giving you access to your accounting at all times, wherever you are.



- Requires an internet connection

Since Fortnox accounting software is entirely cloud-based, you need to have access to an internet connection to access your accounts.


- Not the cheapest option

There are other cheaper options on the market, some of which are even free. These on the other hand are more limited in what they can offer, without more advanced features that may be important as the business grows. So it's a matter of weighing up price and functionality and deciding on the option that suits you best.


- The payroll module is somewhat underdeveloped

If you compare Fortnox with some other accounting and payroll programs, there are disadvantages to the Fortnox payroll module. For larger companies with more complex payroll management, there are limitations in what Fortnox can offer.

- Downtime prevents accounting work

Downtime is very rare, but on the few occasions it does occur, it can be very crippling because Fortnox's entire business system is anchored in the cloud.


How much does Fortnox accounting software cost?

Fortnox's pricing model is based on a subscription service where you pay monthly per license. They offer a variety of features and solutions to match your needs, but the features included in the accounting software depend entirely on the package you choose. The most common accounting packages are Fortnox Basic, Fortnox Standard and FortnoxPlus. All packages support integrations of various kinds.

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So, how good is Fortnox accounting software?

We think it's one of the best accounting programs on the market. It's user-friendly, smooth and simple. It has all the features you need and with smart and custom integrations it's suitable for any business in any industry. With Fortnox accounting software, you get an accounting program that can grow with your business.


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